Support for Ukraine

Due to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, Jozef Oleksy Foundation, in pursuit of its statutory goals, expanded its activity to include aid and development support for the inhabitants, local and state authorities of Ukraine as well as foreign entities and institutions in the forms described below.

Our Goals

Our priority is analytical, advisory and educational activities covering the economic and social situation in Ukraine. In the face of the ongoing military conflict, it is particularly important to intensify the promotion of democratic and European values in contrast to authoritarian forms of exercising power, conducive to aggressive behavior by states. Particularly important was the tightening of cooperation between European countries in order to provide broadly understood assistance to the victims of the conflict and to prevent the emergence of armed conflicts in the future.

advisory activities

analytical activities

educational activities

Forms of our activity

Analyzes of the economic and social situation.

The Foundation conducts ongoing analyzes of the economic and social situation in various regions of Ukraine and in all spheres of social life. In our work, we use the support and knowledge of experts from various countries and national and international institutions. Thanks to active cooperation with public authorities of Ukraine as well as scientific and business communities, we are able to conduct our research quickly and reliably.

Forecasts of the economic and social situation. Strategic planning.

After the end of the armed conflict, the reconstruction of Ukraine will become the most important challenge for the international community. The Foundation is already monitoring the plans and forecasts prepared by the central and local government of Ukraine. For this purpose, we also use the plans of the EU and other countries and organizations around the world. We participate in conferences and working groups dealing with the issues of state reconstruction, and we conduct an active dialogue with entrepreneurs from various countries.

Advice to interested economic entities and institutions.

The Foundation conducts targeted and detailed analyzes for interested institutions on specific industry and territorial issues in Ukraine. We also assist interested entities in conducting direct talks with selected institutions in Ukraine and around the world. We advise on making business and humanitarian decisions.

Youth activation

When preparing analyzes of the situation and aid programs in Ukraine, we try to take advantage of the participation of young scientists and activists. In this way, we broaden the spectrum of our research and, at the same time, enable young people to fulfill themselves in our projects. In this difficult time, thanks to their research work, they can fulfill themselves creatively, feel needed and work productively for their country.

Informing the public, state bodies and European institutions.

The Foundation conducts information activities on social and economic events in Ukraine. Without reliable knowledge of the current situation and short- and medium-term forecasts, it is impossible to provide adequate assistance to those in need, nor to plan strategic actions to rebuild the state. That is why the Foundation informs the relevant European institutions and organizations on an ongoing basis about the current situation and anticipated changes in the future.

Information and know-how exchange platform

The Foundation plans, together with local and international IT companies, to create a technologically advanced online platform to exchange information, know-how and educate the public both in Ukraine and around the world. In addition to activities aimed at ongoing analytical activities, the platform will aim to spread democratic and European values.

Humanitarian relief

The Foundation does not deal directly with humanitarian aid, but thanks to our research among public institutions and public benefit organizations in Ukraine and around the world, we are able to identify reliable institutions that will most effectively receive and distribute aid of a given type for specific purposes. We have a database of proven organizations that directly specialize in, inter alia, in helping children, animals, the elderly, healthcare and hospitals and lgbtqia + associations.


In pursuing its goals, the Foundation closely cooperates with local and state administration of Ukraine, with academic and expert communities, and local entrepreneurs. Therefore, our analyzes are reliable and up-to-date. By remaining in constant and direct contact with decision-makers on the Ukrainian side and in international institutions, we have the ability to quickly and reliably update the materials we prepare.